Jack and Ivy 1.0 (chapter 2 of 2)

This is the second chapter from the first version of the story I submitted for the #DareBlitz… because it’s being completely re-written there is no reason I can’t share here!

Enjoy xx

Chapter 2


Watching Ivy take in the surrounds of his bedroom, Jack wondered if the faded posters on his walls would change her opinion of him. Until that very moment he hadn’t given any thought to how a woman might react to the way his room was decorated — he barely even looked at the scantily clad women in raunchy poses adorning the four walls anymore — and wondered if maybe the slap he’d been expecting when he’d suggested they go to his room would come now.

Perhaps he should tell her they weren’t there to wank off to; he hadn’t used them for that in years. No, they symbolised a time in his life when he’d finally learnt what it was to be part of a family, to have your own room, to have someone care if you lived or died. Ivy would probably think he was making excuses and she’d think he was even more of an asshole.

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Jack and Ivy 1.0 (chapter 1 of 2)

Because I am going to rewrite the story I submitted for the Dare Blitz, I thought I would share the first chapter… in a couple of days I’ll post the second chapter as well! Enjoy getting to know Jack and Ivy.

Please excuse the dodgy formatting…


Chapter 1


Never had Ivy felt more out of place, or intimidated, than she felt standing in the vast room lit by too many fluorescent tubes. Around her complete strangers, all members or associates of the Melbourne chapter of the Hounds of Hell Motorcycle Club (the Hounds as they were known) were laughing as they reminisced about people and places she wasn’t – and probably didn’t want to be – privy to.

            Every single one of the big hulking men were dressed in black, not out of respect for the recently departed, but because it was their way of life. Beards and tattoos seemed to come as naturally to these men as breathing; Ivy hadn’t spotted a single member whose skin wasn’t permanently marked with ink, nor had she seen a freshly shaven face. Muscles, tattoos and beards flooded her vision, leaving her feeling as if she had been transported to the time of the Vikings.

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#DareBlitz – it was a no, but…

As I expected, my submission for the Dare Blitz was declined. I would be lying to say I wasn’t disappointed, but I am so incredibly glad I entered because the feedback I received was very encouraging! The editor who read my proposal told me my writing was strong, and that I should submit to Dare again, either rejigging the story I submitted or with a new one.

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{book review} Her Dirty Little Secret – JC Harroway

I finished reading my latest DARE title – Her Dirty Little Secret, this morning while the children were gobbling their chocolate, so decided it’s a pretty good time to do a review!

JC Harroway

(cover from Mills and Boon website)

Synopsis from the Mills and Boon website:

Nothing satisfies billionaire Jack Demont more than keeping socialite Harley Jacob from what she wants. After all, their families hate each other and there’s unfinished history between them…along with some serious sexual chemistry! Now they’re consumed by a wicked game of lust – they’ll give each other mindless pleasure, but nothing else. No one can know, but keeping something this sexy a secret makes everything a whole lot hotter…

What I loved the most about this book was the fact the hero (Jack) wasn’t one of those alphas that you sometimes find yourself disliking as much as liking. He was very genuine, and although he had his secrets (who doesn’t), everything he did was with the best of intentions.

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I’ve got the tingles!

I think anyone who writes will understand what I mean when I talk about the the tingles you get when you suddenly have an idea for a story; your heart races and your fingers twitch – you want to plan, you want to write!

That’s where I am at right now, and it isn’t exactly the best time to be feeling that way. I have a bunch of work I need to do for school this week, as well as some assignments I need to start planning, but all I can think of is this writing this damn story.

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A much needed reality check

Last week I was lucky enough to have an editor read over my Ines & Levi story, and it was definitely an eye opening experience.

I almost had myself convinced that Damaged was good to go, I was ready to enter it in a contest and then look at self-publishing… but after the feedback I received, I see I am still a way off having my story perfected.

It didn’t upset me as such, but I did find myself re-thinking everything I know and everything I’ve written to date, which was a bit of a downer. Now I’ve had time to think about it, I am glad I had the opportunity to put my work in front of an editor!

All the feedback was extremely useful, and I was able to see exactly what the editor meant with her various remarks. The advice she gave me are going to help me become a better writer, that much I know!

That said, I am now left wondering what to do with Ines and Levi because, as the editor pointed out to me, it isn’t event technically a romance! How on earth could I have even missed that? I guess I got too carried away in telling the story and didn’t put enough thought into the actual bones of the story.

I think I have two options now – three actually. The first is that I can edit the story as is  and market it as women’s fiction, but that feels almost as if I am betraying myself. Not to mention it is full of sex and that would need to be changed to fit in with women’s fiction. Taking out the sex makes me feel sick to my stomach, I guess because it’s such an integral part of who I am as a writer.

Another option is to rewrite the story so it follows a more traditional romance arc, the problem with this is that the story will be completely different. Different, but at least I’ll be being true to myself as a writer. It will be a big task, I’ll need to completely restructure the story… but I love Ines and Levi, and the story they have to tell.

The last option is to leave Ines and Levi where they are, using what I have learnt to help craft an even better story next time. Because the story I have in mind for Valentina and Ryan fits the romance arc, I can carry on their story, meaning Ines and Levi aren’t completely lost forever.

In reality, I don’t think the first option is an option at all. The most important aspect to my stories – in my mind at least – is the romance, rather than romance as a subplot. Options two and three are going to take time and effort, but that is what writing is all about.

If anyone has any thoughts on whether I should rewrite or start something new (well, focus on Valentina and Ryan) I would love to hear from you!