{book review} Forbidden – Clare Connelly

About six weeks ago now Mills and Boon launched a new series called DARE. The stories are hot as hell, packed full of romance, chemistry, tension – and of course plenty of sex! Naturally they have a characteristically Mills and Boon-ish happy ever after ending, making for the perfect quick read!

Last week I was alerted to a free DARE short story, and of course I snapped it up right there and then… and went on to read it immediately. Now I shall tell you all about it!

*I chose to review this book without any prompting from publisher or author. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.*

FORBIDDEN – Clare Connelly

(cover from http://www.millsandboon.co.uk)

Here is the synopsis from the Mills and Boon website:

One night wasn’t enough…
Will two be too much?

Violinist Astra James has never forgotten her x-rated night with billionaire Manning Brown-Hadden – or how he walked away the morning after. He’s her step-brother, so he couldn’t be more off-limits…but his every sinful touch is branded on her memory for life! So this time, she’s going to make him beg for her! It’s her game, so she’s playing by her rules, one hot moment at a time…

From the beginning the sexual chemistry between the two was palpable, and you just knew there was going to be more to their story. I loved the way the author built up the tension between the two, but also the internal tension in the individual characters. I really got a sense of how much was at stake for Astra and Manning and liked the way they developed during the story. To start with both felt a little selfish, cold even… but by the end of the story you could tell they were anything but!

The only downside to the story is that I wish I could read more about Astra and Manning – I’d especially love to read in more detail about what happened the first time they gave in to temptation!

Rating: 4.5/5

You can purchase the e-book FREE (as of the date of posting) via:
the Mills and Boon website

Or you can do like I did and
purchase from Amazon (Kindle)

Check out the author on her website
Clare Connelly


Goodbye Bree, hello Emma!

For a while now I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to keep my pen name. Yesterday I finally made the decision to drop it, and rather than hide behind Bree, embrace being Emma.

Being Bree worked for me for a long time, mostly because I was a bit embarrassed about writing erotica, and blogging about sex. As I’ve gotten older a switch has happened and I no longer care what anyone else thinks about the content of my writing. While I loved ‘Bree’, I felt like a bit of a fraud whenever I slipped into my Bree persona.

Another reason for the switch is that I feel like a bit of a hypocrite whenever I tell my kids to be proud of themselves, knowing perfectly well I’m not following my own advice!

So here I am. Emma. Kiwi. 30-something. Wife. Mother. Writer. Reader. Student.


{erotic romance} Ryan, Valentina & those red, red lips

I find the best way to get into the routine of posting regularly on my blog is *shock horror* to post regularly on my blog! So here I go with my 3rd post in a week!

This is a scene I wrote over the weekend… I don’t think any back story is required.



Valentina knocked on the front door and within seconds Ryan started getting hard. After the few text messages at the supermarket earlier in the afternoon, the two had sent a lot more as the evening had progressed… and now all he wanted was to be buried inside the heat that was Valentina.

Opening the door Ryan found Valentina looking just as frazzled as he felt… but looking fifty-thousand times hotter. Bright red lips went without saying, and the rest of her outfit consisted of a black corset and black leather mini-skirt, all finished off with a pair of dangerously high red stilettos.

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{erotic romance} Ryan & Valentina – a teaser

In my latest post I said I’d share something new this weekend… so here you go! This is a little teaser from the story of Ryan and Valentina. I have a feeling it’ll be a slower write than Levi/Ines because of my school commitments, but it will be written!



Ryan followed her out to the back of the gallery and down the little hallway that connected to her studio. Valentina felt almost suffocated by his presence in the tiny space, but it wasn’t in a get me out of here type of way, more a get inside me right now way. She really needed to pull herself together.

An impossible feat when suddenly there were hands on her hips, followed by the warmth of a body pressing against her. She swallowed tightly, a warm shiver running down her spine at the feeling of breath tickling past her ear.

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Back to studying!

I am sorry I’ve not posted anything for a couple of weeks, but life has taken an unexpectedly exciting turn! As of last week I am a student again, this time working toward a Diploma in Applied Writing.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this, and only wish I had found it earlier… it really is my dream qualification! Perhaps I wasn’t meant to find it until now though, maybe it is fate doing her thing.

Regardless, I apologise if my posts become a touch infrequent, but I want to give this opportunity my all. I have already learnt so much, and am so excited about the doors it is going to open for me as a writer.

For anyone who is interested in what I’m actually studying, his semester I’m doing classes in:
short story
history of literature
practical and academic skills
myth, legend and folk tale
Next semester there are four other papers, and I have the option to do two more years of the qualification, and at this point the idea of that really appeals.

In the mean time, I’m still working on my edits of Levi and Ines’s story, while trying to write Ryan and Valentina’s… I do feel as if I’ve stalled a bit, but I know it’s all for a very good reason!

I am getting a little antsy, and think I may ended up writing a sexy little one shot this weekend… and I promise I’ll post it here as soon as it’s ready!


{erotic romance} Levi & Ines – chapter 12 & 13

Chapter 12 & 13… enjoy!

(unedited version!)


Chapter 12
Picking her phone up to check for messages, Ines sighed loudly at the sight of a notification-free screen. It was Friday, all week she and Levi had been texting back and forth, both looking forward to their date that evening.

Or at least she thought they’d both been looking forward to it. She’d not heard from Levi since mid-afternoon the day before, and the radio silence was causing her to feel sick to the stomach.

Levi had been different, or at least she’d thought so. He’d been so understanding when she’d told him about Greg, and that same night, when she’d given him a handjob, he hadn’t tried to get more out of her. In fact, afterward he’d treated her like a piece of precious china, holding her, kissing her so gently it had been just as soothing as it was arousing. Continue reading “{erotic romance} Levi & Ines – chapter 12 & 13”